Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DWG Tire and Trim Treatment

 How To Detail Your Tires

All-Weather Tire & Trim Treatment with Exclusive PolyGuard-4 cleans and protects plastic and rubber surfaces. Its unique Polymeric emulsion helps to revitalize the look and condition of tires, textured plastics and more. The UV protection, water-resistant and detergent-resistant properties, helps extend the life of tires and plastic trim of the vehicle.

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  • Reduces Dust Attraction – Anti Static
  • No Messy Residue
  • Pleasant Strawberry Fragrance 
  • Contains No Nonylphenols (Will not dry out tires)
  • No Artificial Shine Suggested Uses for the All-Weather Tire & Trim Treatment: 
  • Dashboards 
  • Car Bras 
  • Boat, Cattle, Horse Trailer Tires. Anything that has wheels. The Product becomes part of the rubber; hydrates the rubber and doesn’t dry it out; doesn’t sling off on the side of the vehicle  Black Trim, Door Handles (Brings black color back) 
  •  Dehydrated Bumpers, Running Boards –Rubber Engine Hoses and Engines 
  •  Bottom Slides on RV’s
  • Black “wrinkle finish” paint on Motorcycles (Spray on paint brush; not on the calipers on transmission) 
  •  Windshield Wiper Molding 
  • Squeaky Doors; Bicycle Brakes Tips: 
  • To clean window trim, molding, etc. – put the Tire & Trim Treatment on first before using the Metal Polish or polishing the vehicle 
  • Start with this product on all the rubber parts first. Spray the product on a terry towel, microfiber cloth or applicator pad. This will prevent you from spraying the product all over the vehicle 
  • Do the trunk rubber. The Tire & Trim Treatment helps the rubber seal from drying and turning hard which can cause some leaks in the trunk area 
  • Wipe down the door seals. Tire & Trim Treatment comes to the rescue for those drying seals that cost so much to have replaced 
  • When doing the running boards and side moldings on the doors, use the Tire & Trim Treatment with an applicator pad. Turn the pad on its side and use the edge to get in to those tight places.

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