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ULTRA ION Car Polish Technology

DWG International ULTRA ION

Cleans, Seals, Polishes and Protects in One Easy Step Without Using Any Water!
As the originator of Waterless Technology, DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® since 1991 continues to DOMINATE the waterless cleaning market, while also taking a prominent place in all aspects of the auto finish maintenance and polishing arena. So, when something is changing in our industry, DWG International™ is the first to know about it.
Ford f-150 detailed with Ultra Ion by Max Detail.

So, what is changing...? The auto industry is changing ...and DWG International™ is the only company to adapt to these changes and supply you with the technology you need to take full advantage of a new phenomenon in auto paint cleaning, polishing and maintenance. Since the beginning of the year 2000, major auto manufacturers have begun changing the paint formula they use on their cars. After suspecting that something was different in the paint on newer model vehicles, we contacted the major auto manufacturers and asked about these changes. After much investigation and cooperation with the auto industry, we learned that the changes being made were to accommodate new body panel materials being used in the manufacturing process, as well as new environmental protection laws that had gone into effect.

 These changes have resulted in clear coats that are stronger and more durable, yet more flexible, than before. In essence, the paint will actually flex and yield more, instead of remaining solid and polishing like marble or glass, however, these new hightech paints are more sensitive to soaps, waxes and polishes. They have a tendency to streak, and because they are more flexible, they feather-scratch very easily. Two-and-a-Half Years of Research and Development Upon learning of these changes in auto paint formulations, the DWG International™ research and development team went into action.

Nearly three years of R&D has resulted in one of the most scientifically significant advancements in Waterless Technology since the introduction of original DRI WASH ‘n GUARD®. DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® ULTRA-ION™ New Technology for a New Era in the Auto Industry Specifically designed for the 21st century paints used on cars manufactured since the year 2000, DWG ULTRA ION™ will create a deeper, richer shine on these new, more flexible clear coat finishes. Combine this superior performance on new paints with the buffing action of the new DWG Buffing Towel and you have a winning combination for even the most demanding conditions. DWG ULTRA-ION™ can be applied to dark colors in ANY naturally occurring heat from the sun. This new formulation emulsifies dirt (and especially bugs, bird droppings and tar) better than any other product, and, like DRI WASH ‘n GUARD® Classic, it works great on glass and chrome.

But there’s more! Personal consumers and your detailing customers will fall in love with the dust-repelling qualities of DWG ULTRA-ION™. DWG ULTRA-ION™ Technology Enhances Performance: Outshines and Outlasts Everything Else! You’ve probably seen the ionic air cleaners being advertised on TV by a major retail/catalog company. As one of the world’s leading air purification systems, it uses ionic technology to attract dust and organic matter and trap it inside the air cleaner. DWG ULTRA-ION™ uses this same type of technology to repel (rather than attract) dust. This exciting new ingredient formulation puts a positive charge on your vehicle’s painted surface, which causes it to actually repel dust and dirt. The dust just has a much tougher time adhering to the positive charge on your vehicle’s paint!

Two Exclusive Technologies Merge to Create One Outstanding Product! The infusion of ionic technology with our award-winning Polymer technology has created a product that far exceeds all other car care products on the market today. When applied to the technologically advanced paints being used by auto manufacturers today, nothing can outperform DWG ULTRA ION™. The new DWG ULTRA-ION™ formulation is odorless and comes in a distinctive new color. For best results, you should always use the new DWG Buffing Towel with DWG ULTRA-ION™.

Dri wash N' Guard Also Cleans Windows + Glass!

Another distinguishing feature of DRI WASH ’n GUARD® is that it's a fantastic glass cleaner and sealant. In fact, DRI WASH ’n GUARD® is capable of bonding to glass for a year or more. You'll see this for yourself each time you drive in the rain. Instead of lying in sheets on the windshield, water scatters off the glass like it's being chased. DRI WASH ’n GUARD® makes "bug removal" so much easier, too. The invisible coating works on the same principle that prevents eggs from sticking to the TEFLON surface of a frying pan. Other polishes, waxes and paint sealants are NEVER recommended for use on glass because of the oily film they leave behind. This can be hazardous under certain conditions, such as when headlights approach at night or when windshield wipers are turned on during a light rain. DRI WASH ’n GUARD® leaves NO oily residue, which makes it totally safe and highly recommended for all your glass cleaning needs.

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DRI WASH `n GUARD® ULTRA-ION™ Waterless Car Wash


Important: DRI WASH `n GUARD® ULTRA-ION must  be applied on hard, non-porous surfaces only. Pre-test on inconspicuous area before use. Can be used over surface containing moderate level of dust, dirt, road grime or salt.
Refill Procedures:
  • Unscrew collar nut at neck of  pump sprayer and remove internal spray mechanism
  • Invert bottle of product, shake  for 15-20 seconds
  • Pour contents into AIRosol pump sprayer until 75% full
  • Re-Install spray mechanism and collar nut.
  • Can also be used with trigger sprayer follow above instructions, however the trigger sprayer can be filled almost to the top.
Directions By Hand:
  1. Apply Dri Wash `n Guard® ULTRA-ION to a cool, dry surface in a shaded area. Avoid windy conditions if possible.
  2. Use two soft, clean terry cloth towels... one for applying the product and one for buffing.  For best results, use the DWG Buffing Towel for buffing.
  3. Invert the AIRosol pump sprayer and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds.
  4. Pressurize the bottle by pumping the cap "up and down" until a strong resistance is felt (approx. 10-15 times).
  5. Spray a light coat of Dri Wash `n Guard® ULTRA-ION on a small section of vehicle (2-3 sq. ft.), spraying with a broad sweeping motion where possible.
  6. Using the terry cloth towel, with moderately firm pressure, rub polish thoroughly over the sprayed area until the filmy haze that developed almost disappears.
  7. Buff the remaining haze to a high gloss with the DWG buffing towel.

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