About us

How it all started...
One Summer when I was 12 or 13 I would wax and polish my bike rims, they were sparkling chrome and the shiniest rims in the neighborhood! I remember how they glistened in the sun...
   There's just something about those shiny metal objects!  Since then I have been shining up most anything metal, cars, drums, cymbals, guitars , kitchen appliances, etc. Detailing my own vehicles and friends of mine came like 2nd nature, it was fun and relaxing, it made sense to start detailing cars on a regular basis.

Having severely limited abilities ,detailing cars is something a Disabled Veteran can do. Being a Soldier in the Military I have learned to be reliable and have a solid work ethic. Not to mention a passion for bright shiny cars! We hope you will enjoy supporting this local Veteran's small business and give us a call today for an appointment. 888-884-7575 thank you in advance!

Active Duty, Retired, or Disabled Veterans all receive a 10% Discount .
I have access to H.A.F.B. so I can even come over there to detail your vehicle.
Must show a Valid Military I.D

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